Welcome to the web pages of the Turkish Consulate General in Antwerp. You can easily reach a wide spectrum of information about consular and visa services we provide, as well as announcements and news regarding economic, cultural and political developments in Turkey.

Consular jurisdiction of this Consulate-General covers all of the Flemish Region except the Vlaams-Brabant Province. The rest of Belgium is under the jurisdiction of the Turkish Consulate-General in Brussels.

Our website also provides an easy access to the official web pages of various Ministries and institutions as well as private sector websites in Turkey. Please do not hesitate to contact our Consulate-General if you need further help. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome to improve our website.

Consulate General of Turkey, Antwerp

Batu Kesmen Consul General
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 13:00

You need to make pre-application for visa applications through . If you are eligible for e-visa, you may visit for your visa application.
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